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Cats are Definitely as Smart as Dogs

Cats are Definitely as Smart as Dogs

For a long time, the great debate has been whether dogs or cats are the smarter animals. Not that it matters, because we love them all the same!

A new study conducted earlier this year set out to discover the answer. The study concluded it’s very likely that cats are just as smart as dogs and in fact, as smart as humans too.

The scientific study

A team of animal-loving scientists tested 49 domestic cats to see if after 15 minutes they could remember which food bowl they ate from, even after it was emptied out.

The experiment revealed that the cats could recall which food bowl they ate from. This test was also carried out with dogs, and they were also able to recall which food bowls they had eaten. Another experiment was done with both cats and dogs about understanding human gestures, and they performed equally well.

Cat have similar memories to humans

Saho Takagi, a psychologist at Kyoto University, told the BBC in an interview, that cats, as well as dogs, use memories of a single past experience, which may imply they have a memory similar to humans. Remembering time and places.

From my personal experience, I truly believe cats are as smart as dogs, but I think it’s their attitude that fools people into thinking they’re not. How many times have you given instructions to your cat and it just stares at you, but you can tell by their expression it knows what you are saying?

Growing up, I had a few cats with different temperaments which determined whether they would go the extra effort to do something or wait for a human to figure it out.

Real smart cat stories 

The smartest cat I have ever known was named Kitty. She joined our family when she was a kitten, and over a few years, she and I formed a special bond. We were so in sync with each other, it’s hard to explain, but it’s almost like we could read each other’s minds! I know, now I really sound crazy.

Let me list a few of the smart cat things I observed:

  • Kitty could open the pantry door. She quickly figured out that if she put her paw underneath the left side of the door and pulled towards her, the door would open. Inside we kept a small bowl of cat biscuits as her rewards. This was a daily occurrence.
  • I was working full-time and going to uni in the evenings, which meant I would come home late most evenings. 99% of the time, Kitty was waiting for me in the front yard and would follow me inside, and we’d go to bed together. If she wasn’t waiting for me, it’s because she was already in my bedroom.
  • When I would reach over to Kitty to pick her up, she would willingly put her paws on my shoulder and sort of jump into my arms.
  • I could somehow differentiate the different meows for – water, food and outside.

Oh, and I have more smart cat stories!

  • We had a cat called Blacky, extremely sweet and shy, but a very accomplished hunter. We had a one-storey house, and my bedroom window faced the backyard. However, the window sill was about 2 metres off the ground. One night, Blacky was outside and wanted to come inside. He figured out that my window was open a little, so he jumped up on a fence and then onto the window sill and meowed so loudly at the fly screen. Of course, I got up and could let him in on the side of my window that didn’t have a fly screen. After this, he did the same thing for years.
  • Often with dogs, we train them to recognise verbal commands. I wanted to do the same thing with Oreo, my current cat, so every single meal time I would ask him if he was hungry while he was eating. Both Oreo and Apricot now recognise “are you hungry”, it doesn’t matter what time of day it is or whether I move or not, they instantly look and then get up when I say, “come on”. Admittedly, I also use it when I simply want them to look at the camera haha.

So, I don’t need an experiment to tell me that cats are as smart as dogs 😊

I’m sure everyone has smart cat stories, I’d love to hear some of yours too!



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