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Do You Know How Healthy Your Cat Is?

Do You Know How Healthy Your Cat Is?

Whether you’re a new cat owner or you’ve had cats around for years, there is one important thing we all have in common: the desire to keep our fur babies healthy, groomed, and well fed. Knowing what a healthy cat looks and feels like can help us spot any changes that may require a trip to the vet. Sometimes it's obvious when our pets need medical attention, and sometimes it’s not.

Cats have the extraordinary ability of hiding signs of being unwell, so, unfortunately, an unhealthy cat can sometimes go unnoticed. It’s an instinct that helps cats to survive in the wild; weak animals become prey to larger animals.

What Signs Should You Watch For?

When cats are healthy, it shows in playtime, feeding time, and downtime. It shows from head to tail. Here is a summary of the ten common signs of illness in cats (be attentive and give your vet as much detail as possible; source Pet Health Network):

  • Change in appetite – eating too much or too little
  • Stinky breath – can mean gum disease or tooth decay
  • Going outside of the litter box – can indicate a bladder infection or urinary blockage
  • Behaviour change – a normally social kitty suddenly becoming anti-social
  • Grooming change – lack of grooming or overgrooming can indicate a skin condition or stress
  • Activity change – lethargy in young cats or a sudden burst of energy in older cats
  • Sleeping pattern change – roaming the house meowing when they would normally be asleep
  • Stress-induced behaviour – such as biting or other aggressive behaviours
  • Voice change – a chatty cat that goes quiet or a quiet cat that suddenly becomes vocal
  • Weight change – being underweight or overweight requires attention

Ways to Keep Your Cat Healthy

If your cat gets a clean bill of health from the vet, what else can you do to ensure they stay healthy and happy?

  • Always make sure your cat has access to fresh water 24/7
  • Keep your kitty’s life interesting with a variety of toys and cat furniture
  • Keep them free of parasites such as fleas, worms and ticks
  • Stay up to date with their vaccinations (discuss this with your vet)
  • Provide enough clean litter boxes or ensure that your cat can go outside
  • A good diet, that includes meat, is essential for your cat (obligate carnivore)

    Cat Food That Maintains Healthy Digestion

    Cats generally require a high protein diet and are unable to manufacture certain important amino acids (taurine and arginine) and vitamin A themselves and must get these from food.

    With the overwhelming choice of different brands available, buying the right food for your cat can be tricky.

    Cat Lovers is proud to support the PURINA® ONE® 21 DAY PROGRAM

    We're proudly supporting the Purina 21 Day Program - dedicated to visibly improving your cat's health. Every sign up receives a free 150g sample of Purina One: Get My Free Sample 💕

    How your kitty will benefit from the program:
    Week 1+: Higher levels of energy & vitality
    Week 2+: A healthier digestion
    Week 3+: Healthy skin, shiny coat & bright eyes

    PURINA understands that nutrition is at the heart of your cat’s health and happiness. Combining over 85 years of pet care innovation from leading nutritional experts globally, the PURINA ONE® range is prepared with tasty, high-quality ingredients, providing advanced nutrition that helps support your cat’s health today and tomorrow. The 21 Day Program is PURINA's mission to help more cats live happier, healthier lives.








    Week 1

    WEEK 1: A higher energy level

    Week 2

    WEEK 2: A healthier digestion

    Week 3

    WEEK 3: Healthy skin, shiny coat, bright eyes

    Superior nutrition with delicious taste is at the heart of your cat’s health and happiness. Feeding PURINA ONE daily helps build the six visible signs of health, and the appealing taste ensures they enjoy every bowl.


    What is the PURINA® ONE® 21 Day Program?

    The 21 Day Program is our mission to help more cats live happier, healthier lives. After registering to the program, you will complete a pre-health evaluation for your cat. From here, you will commence the transition from your cat’s current food to PURINA ONE. Once your cat is eating PURINA ONE exclusively, your 21 Day Program begins. Over the next 21 days, you could see a visible difference in your cat’s health week by week.


    What will you get out of the Program?


    Pre & post health evaluation results for your cat


    A free 150g sample pack to aid the transition from your cat’s current food to PURINA ONE


    Weekly emails to support you through the 21 Day Program, with reminders on what visible differences you could see each week


    Exclusive articles and tips each week, when you log in to your 21 Day Dashboard

    PURINA ONE - The nutrition they need with a taste they'll love.

    Nestlé Australia Ltd (ABN 77 000 011 316),
    Building D, 1 Homebush Bay Drive, Rhodes NSW 2138, Australia.



    Here's to happy and healthy fur babies!

    Lots of love, meow! Xoxo


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