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Feline Body Language: 8 Signs Your Cat Is Happy

Signs your cat is happy

Every pet owner’s ultimate goal is to have a healthy and happy pet, and while your cat can’t use words, there are other different ways it can express itself. So, if you wonder whether your fur ball is living a happy life, all you need to do is look carefully and note how your cat behaves.

Here are eight signs you need to pay attention to when it comes to your cat:

1. Body language

Your cat’s posture is one of the most obvious ways to see if it’s relaxed or anxious. If your cat is sleeping with its paws tucked under and its ears forward, it’s relaxed, and it’s feeling safe. On the other hand, if a cat’s legs are straightened, and the hair on the back is erect, the cat is feeling threatened and scared. You should also pay attention to your cat’s eyes. Dilated eyes usually mean happiness and if your cat is looking at you and blinking slowly, it means your furry friend is content.

2. Tail

A cat’s tail can tell you plenty about its mood, so pay close attention to it. A happy and content cat will hold its tail straight up, and if it’s a bit curled at the tip, it’s feeling a bit insecure. A cat that wants to appear dominant will puff up its hair to appear bigger and scarier. If a cat is scared, sad or submissive, it will tuck the tail between its legs.

3. Vocalisation

Vocal clues can sometimes depend on the breed because some breeds like Russian Blue are usually very quiet. If your cat is ‘speaking’ with a high-pitched sound, it means it’s happy (and probably just bored). However, lower pitched sounds mean that the cat is frustrated or even angry. So, if your cat that normally isn’t that loud is meowing all the time, don’t worry about it, it just really wants to chat with you.

4. Eating

A happy cat will have a healthy appetite, so pay attention to whether your cat is eating normally. Every owner knows how calculated cats are, so you’re probably already trained to give your cat its special food and treats. But if your cat is a picky eater, try giving it Royal Canin cat food, which is usually successful in satisfying these complicated fluffs. And don’t resist giving your cat its treats because not only is this some sort of play for it, but it’s also a great way to strengthen your bond.

5. Play

While kittens play nonstop, middle-aged and older cats will gradually stop being as active and playful. However, any amount of play, whether it’s racing, wrestling or simple paw-petting on your hand, face or leg (for attention), indicates that the cat is quite content. And if your cat chooses you to play with, be grateful for it because it means your cat likes and trusts you.

6. Sleep

While cats can be considered champions when it comes to sleeping, sometimes if a cat spends too much time sleeping, it can mean it’s depressed. If your cat chooses to sleep in the open, it means it feels safe and happy in your home, and if it chooses you as their bed-mate, you should feel honoured because it means your kitty trusts you completely.

7. Grooming

Cats can spend hours grooming themselves, so a clean and well-groomed cat equals a happy cat. If you notice that your cat isn’t grooming itself regularly, it means it’s sick or depressed, and you should consider taking it to the vet.

8. Interest in its environment

We all know just how curious cats can be. So, if a cat is actively engaging with its environment, it means it’s confident. While some cats can be more timid and prefer to watch their surroundings from a distance, usually a cat will want to get close and personal. If it paws at anything it comes across, this is a sure sign that the cat is feeling safe and happy.

So, there you go, cat lovers. Now you know what a happy kitty looks like, so you can go ahead and fulfil your life’s purpose and make some cats as happy as they can be.


Olivia is a psychologist and entrepreneur from Brisbane. Mother of two beautiful children and proud owner of two silly boxer dogs, Teo and Mia. She is passionate about writing and always inspiring her readers to be clever in their lives. Her motto is “Be the change you want to see in the world”.



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